www.calzoleriadelcorso.it accepts payment of all the following types:


All payments can be made by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).



The security platform VPOS is certified PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), to guarantee the highest level of security possible.

In addition, all E-COMMERCE solutions are managed with the protocols 3D Secure (3 -Domain Secure) Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure-Code, which provide increased protection for purchases on the Internet as, in order to conclude a payment, authentication of the owner of the credit card is required. When the Issuer of the credit card adheres to protocols Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code, assigns to its holders, if subscribed to the service, a given (typically a personal password) which allows identity verification with certainty. This data will be requested from the cardholder during each purchase made through merchants belonging to the same security protocols.

In the final stage of payment, the holder registered to the service Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code is redirected to an application of their Issuer in order to provide the data necessary for his/her authentication. The outcome of this authentication is then returned to the e-commerce platform that requested it. The transaction can be completed only if the outcome is positive; failing which, the Purchaser shall indicate another credit card or method of payment to complete the sale.

The information given for each transaction is the following:

Origin of the of the card  (country)

Type of Payment

Customer Authentication  

Please note that the e-commerce merchants certified 3D Secure (with Payment Type reported in the order details “3D Secure”) are exempted from liability in the event of full disclaimer of the transaction, except in some cases (non-European company cards) expressly provided for by the international circuits VISA and MasterCard (see the rules defined by the acquirer)

Transaction information is available in the following ways:

through back-office (typology and origin of the card and Payment Type is displayed in the detail form of the transactions);

electronically, by responding to message of authorization request , according to the instructions for each integration mode



All credit cards or prepaid cards registered to the PayPal system, but managed directly by PayPal are accepted. By selecting this type of payment you will be redirected to a page of the PayPal site, where your email address and password must be entered and the payment to be made.  In case of cancellation or non-acceptance by Calzoleria del Corso, the amount will be refunded to your PayPal account. In the event of refund Calzoleria del Corso will not be held responsible for delays or damages caused.



Upon e-mail confirmation, details of the advance electronic bank transfer to be made will be sent; payment must be made within 48 hours from the date of confirmation (reference is made according to the date and time of the email) and communicated by e-mail to info@calzoleriadelcorso.it or by fax to the number 0546 28648. The customer is required to send a copy of the payment by Fax or e-mail within 48 hours from the date of confirmation. If within that period www.calzoleriadelcorso.it does not receive any proof of payment, the order will be cancelled.

Delivery will be made as soon as the bank confirms receipt of payment.

The availability of the merchandise will however remain blocked for 48hours for the coverage of the e-mail.



Payment can be made by money order, after having received mail confirmation; payments are to be made to:



48018 FAENZA (RA)

The customer is required to send a copy of the payment by Fax or email within 48 hours from the date of confirmation. If www.calzoleriadelcorso.it does not receive proof of payment within this period, the order will be cancelled



Payment to the courier by cash on delivery is possible.

Upon confirmation of the availability of the merchandise and before shipment, a further request of confirmation from the customer by e-mail or telephone will be requested, ensuring customers complete willingness to receive the merchandise.

This further confirmation is mandatory and the order will not be processed until this required is fulfilled.

For this type of payment an extra charge of € 7.00 is requested and this type of payment is possible only in Italy.



For the “in-store pickup” option, payment can also be made at the time of withdrawal of the merchandise by any preferred payment type.

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